The Gifts are in the Practice

There is so much to know about yoga! So many styles, posture names, Sanskrit words, philosophies, strange and wonderful practices besides the postures. 

But the bottom line is that regardless of what we "know", all of the beautiful gifts of yoga come through our own personal practice.

Even if your practice has changed over years, even if it's ebbed and flowed, even if you do most of your yoga these days for 20 minutes in your own living room - you will be quietly and consistently opening up/transforming.

When the body opens and the mind quiets and the heart opens with practice, we are able to reconnect to our Inner voice, our Inner knowing that resides in all of us. The part of us that is unconditionally loving. The part of us that knows we are essentially "good". The part of us that knows the next step on our journey. The part of us that is forgiving and accepting and light and trusting. The part of us that takes pleasure in life and sees the beauty in the everyday. The part of us that brings love and connection to those around us.

So wherever you are at with your practice, I encourage you to keep going. Little steps are valuable. Don't put yourself down, just keep going. And if you need a hand or a reminder please feel free to reach out to me. I enjoy speaking to you all about yoga, how to practice and how to maximize the benefits.