Yoga Teacher Training

Lauren Star explains Inner Strength's Four Pillars of Freedom Yoga Teacher Training and Personal Development Program. More information here:

In this short video, Lauren Star leads Victoria through two standing balance poses: Airplane (Dekasana) and Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III). These two poses are often confused or collapsed. This video shows some of the distinctions of each pose.
Lauren Star and Victoria lead a 6 minute breathing practice. The first half is the alternate nostril breathe (Nadi Shodhana) and the second half is a more complex variation of Nadi Shodhana with Kumbakha. This breathe should help you feel balanced and clear minded.
Lauren Star leads a well taught and easy to follow breathing exercise. You can follow along at home. Even if you don't have the special yoga props, you can use pillows from home for a similar result. Simple and Refreshing. Enjoy!
In this video, Lauren Star gives detailed instructions on the 3 poses and how to transition from one to the other. Pyramid - Parsvottanasana Triangle - Trikonasana Twisting Triangle - Paravritta Trikonasana
A short video on the benefits of cleansing

Beginner Yoga #1, with Marcie Scudder

20 minute very basic yoga class lead by Lauren Star and Marcie Scudder. This sequence begins seated in a chair and progresses through simple standing poses finishing with relaxation. The poses in this sequence are demonstrated and cued with precision, so anyone can follow along, even with no prior yoga experience.

Beginner Yoga #2, with Marcie Scudder

Beginner Yoga class with Lauren Star and Marcie Scudder. Level 1 in a 1 - 5 rating system - Simplest. Anyone can do this practice, and EVERYONE will feel good after it! Enjoy and let us know what you think. Namaste.

Beginner Yoga Level 2 #1, with Marcie Scudder

Join Lauren Star for a mindful yoga practice. She will lead you through a 30 minute class that is perfect for beginners and for more advanced students. Check out for her full class schedule so you can see her live in action!

Beginner Yoga #3, with Marcie Scudder

Beginner Yoga #4, with Marcie Scudder

This is a well-taught basic yoga class with good instruction - both verbal and visual. You will need a pillow or two. And you will feel great at the end!