I have participated in numerous cleanses with Lauren Star over the past few years. Each time I cleanse I learn something new about myself physically and emotionally. I have been introduced to new foods, lost interest in foods that I craved previous to cleansing, and learned how to make healthier choices when eating. Cleansing for me is like hitting a re-set button for my body and mind. Under the guidance of Lauren and her encouragement, support and knowledge I have finished cleanses with renewed energy, clarity and a sense of well being. Geri

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Just like our homes and cars - even when we take good care of them! - our bodies still need a periodic "spring clean." Thankfully the body has its own mechanisms designed to ensure cleansing. The liver, kidneys, intestines and bowels do their jobs to keep our bodies clean. And usually when we get sick our body focuses more of its efforts on cleansing, which is why sickness is so often accompanied by reduction in appetite.

When deciding to do a periodic "spring cleanse" or deep cleanse of the body - there are many ways to go about it. There are many effective products which help to cleanse the blood stream or the liver or other organs. We can also cleanse by going on a liquid diet, or by simply cutting back on foods we eat that are harder to digest for a period of time.

The cleanse I lead is a food based cleanse. After experimenting with many different cleansing methods, I found this food-based method the most effective over the long term. While many methods do effectively cleanse the inner body, transitioning back to eating after the cleanse can be confusing and have us quickly "retoxify" the very organs we just worked so hard to clean! In the big picture, we want to keep the body clean by continuing to eat well after the cleanse. By simply ingesting a product, or switching to a liquid diet for a period of time, this is not likely to happen.

With a food-based cleanse, we truly reset the palate. Because you actually EAT during this cleanse, one of the most powerful benefits is the re-working of your appetite and cravings. By the time the cleanse concludes, you have the PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE of having been eating healthy clean foods and FEELING REALLY GOOD! So rather than having your mind tell your body what it "should be" eating, you've rewired your palate so that the body itself craves these cleaner foods. The internal struggle between what you "crave" and what you "know you should do" quietens down.

I offer group cleanses 2 - 3 times yearly at Inner Strength Yoga studio in Watertown, MA. I also do individual cleanses and private group cleanses by appointment.

Once you've learned how to cleanse safely with my guidance, you are free to return to subsequent cleanses for a greatly reduced rate, or take what you've learned and lead yourself through a yearly or bi-annual cleanse!

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Compassion demonstrated! I have been lucky enough to participate in two cleanses Lauren has led. Her words of wisdom, support and encouragement helped get us all through the challenges of the cleanse. I look forward to sharing many more experiences with Lauren. For me, yoga is Lauren Star! Namaste baby! Barbara