Yoga was originally taught one-on-one. Private instruction takes into account the detailed differences between students: needs, strengths, weaknesses, old injuries, disposition, attitude and reasons for practicing.

One of the beautiful things about yoga is the reminder of the constant changing nature of things.  The weather, our bodies, our minds, our families, our health, our emotions, our finances,  our ambitions, etc. As we practice yoga, we grow. Our bodies age, we go through good times and bad times. We may experience injury, or fall in love, or discover a diet that really works for us.  We may face loss and tragedy, or a shift in our life’s priorities. We may become increasingly hungry to become the best person we can be in this short life. We may desire spiritual growth or emotional healing, or to strengthen our physical bodies further. We may just find ourselves geeking out on the proper angle of the shin in eka pada raja kapotasana!

Any of these reasons may lead you to private yoga instruction. Some students want to learn more, or faster, than they already have in a group setting. Some supplement their group classes with private instruction where they can ask questions on a range of yogic topics. Others find group classes are too challenging and want to go at a slower pace. Some use private lessons as a spring board to prepare themselves for group classes.  Some take private lessons for the detailed attention to their particular body and alignment. Some like the ability to tailor the content of the class, and to schedule sessions around their work or family life.

Private sessions are given at Inner Strength Studios (Watertown and West Roxbury) or at students’ home. 

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